ABCB-HFG-5834*Adjustable Web Board

AED 2,700.00

Product Description

Adjustable Web Board*ABCB-HFG-5834

1.Machine Size : 1440*640*1280mm

2. Machine weight :90kg

3.Tube 1: Flat Oval Pipe : 100*50mm, Thickness :2.5mm  Tube                                                                                                                2: Flat oval pipe :120*50mm,Thickness 2.5 mm Tube .                                                                                                                  3: Round Tube ,m60,Thickness:3.0mm. hight Strength steel Tube oval tube Precision welds and internally lubricated cables.

4.Powder Coating: 2 rounds (Silver/Black/dark/Grey/White/red/varnish)

5. Cushion colors: Brown /Black/Orange


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